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The Commission des transports is responsible for registration of the subject persons in the Register of owners and operators of heavy vehicles. It is also responsible for evaluating the record of persons whose conduct presents a risk and imposing conditions on them, as needed, to correct the deficiencies observed. In the most serious cases, it may prohibit such persons from operating heavy vehicles or putting them into operation.

Only owners or operators of heavy vehicles registered in Québec and Americans are required to be registered in the Commission's register. Other carriers must register with their respective administration and their attestation of registration is sufficient to allow them to put a heavy vehicle into operation in Québec, provided that this registration remains valid.

The register is maintained by the Commission; consultation of the safety rating awarded to the registrants is free, as is the obtaining of an attestation of registration in Québec. Information can also be obtained concerning the safety rating and the penalties imposed on the registrant.

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