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What happens if my driver's drug test result is positive ? 2009-03-19  
Once the drug &/or alcohol test gets positive result, you are required to remove him immediatly from performing the safety-sensitive duties until the driver has seen a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and have successfully completed the Return to Duty Test.
Who is required to undergo for a Drug & Alcohol Test ? 2009-03-19  
Every driver who enters United States need to undergo for Drug & Alcohol Test and he has to be a member of Random Test Programme for Drug & Alcolhol Test. To set up an account, contact us at 905-362-0325.
Does the Carrier Code expire ? 2009-03-19  
No, Carrier code does not expire. But Canada Customs can suspend a carrier code if a Carrier has not used it for more that 5 times in a year, or has not returned the update request received from Canada Customs.
Do SCAC code has expiry code ? 2009-03-19  
Yes, SCAC Codes expires on 30th June of every year.
What happens if I change my address ? 2009-03-19  
You are required to notify all the concerned departments where you company is registered for permits. Your insurance company is required to re-file the insurance with FMCSA.
What happens if i change my insurance company ? 2009-03-19  
If you change your insurance company, request your new insurance company to re-file the insurance with FMCSA.
Does the MC Number have any expiry date ? 2009-03-19  
No, MC Number never expires, if you have valid insurance filing with FMCSA.
Do we have to activate the USDOT number ? 2009-03-19  
Yes, you are required to call the USDOT Office to complete the application process.
How long does it take to get the US Authorities ? 2009-03-19  
The total process time is 21 calender days from the date of application.
If we return the IRP Plates before the expiry date, how much refund we will get ? 2009-03-19  
You will get the refund for unused plate period for Ontario.
Can we renew IRP Plates for less than 12 months ? 2009-03-19  
No, IRP Plates can not be renewed for less than 12 months. The carrier can get the IRP Plates for any period between 3 month to 12 months, at the time of first registration only.
Who needs IRP/PRP Plates ? 2009-03-19  
Every truck having a registered gross weight of more than 4500 kgs. and to travel inter-state requires IRP Plates.
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